Displaying Native Ads
Native ads are a kind of advertisement that allows customization according to the look and feel of your application.
After the advertisement is clicked, a URL will be opened. For more info about it, read the Deeplink page.

Native Ad elements

In general, native ads have the following elements:
    Title: The title for the ad
    Description: The main message for the ad
    Highlight text: An additional complement text with a smaller size
    Icon: A small ad image, usually the brand logo (48x48 pixels)
    Feature image: The ad main image (400x209 pixels)
    Call to Action: The button that will guide the user to what will happen after the click.
There are 2 predefined types of Native Ads: Small and Large. Each type lays out the elements in a different way.

Native Ad Types

1. Small

2. Large

You can use Native Ads in 2 ways:
    ​Static Native Ads : works like a Display Ad -- it will appear in a single view in the screen.
    ​Native Ads In List : it will appear inside a ListView or RecyclerView, amongst the items of your list.
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