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1. InLocoMedia Ads SDK

In Loco Media is the biggest mobile ad network in Latin America and leader in indoor location technology. We deliver premium contextual ads and mobile marketing automation services. To learn more check our website .

1.1. Ad Mediation

Mediation is a feature that lets you serve ads to your apps from multiple sources. It helps maximize your Fill Rate sending ad requests to multiple networks to ensure you find the best available network to serve ads.

If you already use some type of Mediation in your app, all you will need to do is initialize the In Loco Media SDK, include our adapters for your mediation network and set the configuration on its page. After that, all calls for each AdUnit configured will also use In Loco Media ads.

There are different types of mediation. Follow the instructions about the one you use to request ads from In Loco Media.

1.2. Available Advertising Types

  • Display Ads: Image-only advertisement in different sizes.
  • Interstitial Ads: Advertisement that fills the screen, appearing on top of the current content and allowing the user to close it.
  • Native Ads: Custom advertisement, with multiple contents that can be customized to the look and feel of your app.
  • Notification Ads: Notification ad that will be triggered when the user enter the targeted area.

1.3. Targeting

We utilize some features to choose the target we will use to certain advertising:

2. In Loco Media Location SDK

If you are not using our SDK to monetize with ads, you can still use our Location SDK for data collection with Analytics. You can learn how to use this feature here.


You can find our sample in our GitHub repository.

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iOS Overview

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